Mother GWYNETH: you must stop with the medical advice. Doctors are calling you out now. You are bringing shame upon the Church in your ex-husband’s name. We are demanding–in the name of Chris–that you cease this medical drivel you continue to dispense. Here is what the well-regarded In Touch magazine said: Doctor Slams Gwyneth Paltrow’s Site Goop, Calls Health Advice “All Around Medical Bullsh-t.”

Dr. Jen Gunther, an Ob/Gyn, said

“In a scathing May 22 blogpost, the Doctor slammed the actress — calling her health advice “all around medical bullsh-t that you and your pals at Goop promote and sell.”

“Ultimately, what people like Gwyneth Paltrow do is they lower the medical IQ,” Dr. Gunther exclusively told In Touch. “They have this disclaimer on Goop where none of this is advice, but that is not how it is presented.”

Debunking some of the “crackpot theories” passed off as fact on Gwyn’s site, Dr. Gunther tells In Touch the star “is selling fear.”

Idiotic Claim No. 1: Tight Bras Cause Breast Cancer

“I’ve had patients read this on Goop and worry that they caused their own cancer,” Dr. Gunther tells In Touch, adding that the theory “comes from somebody who is not a doctor or cancer researcher. But it was presented as fact.”

The doc asks Gwyneth, “What do you possibly have to gain by spreading lies to women about bras causing breast cancer?”

Idiotic Claim No. 2: Vegetables With Lectins, Like Tomatoes, Are Making Us Obese

“Obesity is caused by processed foods low in nutrition and high in calories,” says Dr. Gunther. “But that won’t get page clicks!”

Idiotic Claim No. 3: Beware of Latex Condoms, Which Contain Nitrosamines, a Carcinogen

“The only thing between [you] and HIV or gonorrhea is a few millimeters of latex, so glove that sh*t up,” Dr. Gunther rages. “If you used a condom a week for 30 years, you would absorb only a minuscule amount of nitrosamines.”

What has proven to cause cancer? Alcohol, notes Dr. Gunther, which is featured in Goop’s many cocktail recipes.”

STOP with the snake oil, Mother!

Nothing untoward must tarnish the good name of our Illustrious One of Coldplay!






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