Oh my. When our eminence CHRIS MARTIN & Coldplay took to the Super Bowl stage last year, it was to sing the praises of love to the world. But Bruno & Beyonce had another agenda and as Coldplay’s guests, they took it upon themselves to steal the show away from our Brit songster

Now this past weekend, we had the very talented Lady Gaga take to the Half Time stage and wow the crowd. However, some of the TV audience now claim that Gaga was channeling Satan and promoting the Illumanti. Here is what one website said: 

“The average Superbowl viewer is so totally clueless about reality that they have no idea what they’re even watching. Over the last several years, the NFL has slowly given way to the agenda of truly evil globalists, pushing quack science fraud (breast cancer “awareness” propaganda), anti-American hatred (Colin Kaepernick’s nauseating antics), cultural subversion agendas and vulgar halftime shows that frequently invoke Satanic imagery in ritualistic fashion.”

Lady Gaga is accused of being “Hell’s Puppet.” Media zealots claim that the real purpose of the Superbowl half time show is to “ritualistically celebrate the power of Satan right in the open, by declaring his dominion over the Earth by glorifying (satanic) imagery, words and worship on national TV.”  The evil began with Lady Gaga being lowered into a red fiery platform on cables (i.e. descending into Hell), then dancing in a way that depicted her as a puppet on “puppet strings” (indicating she’s a puppet of Satan).

Now Gaga is a nice New York Italian girl who normally would  not shill for the Lake of Fire, knowingly. She is a friend of the Church of Chris Martin, as she once did a lovely piano cover of “Viva la Vida’ and praised the musical talents of our Beloved Chris Martin. But Gaga is ambitious and I have read that she wants to go mainstream & break into films. That means she is vulnerable to the wiles of the devil. As fans go crazy over Gaga’s demonic performance, they are awash in “blood” red lighting, providing the camera a scene that’s framed to show masses of Hell’s minions (with the horned owl symbols in plain view) worshiping the Gaga goddess, the puppet of Satan as she flies through the air with witch-like powers. This is sacrilege.

There are other examples of witchery in her Half Time Show, but suffice to say it all adds up to Satanic rituals being forced onto the masses, under the guise of “entertainment.” The minions of Hades are ratcheting up the poisoning of the human race. Gaga just happened to be their (talented) vehicle. The triangles that were all over that Half Time stage are strong symbols of the Illumanti. Infowars founder Alex Jones even said Gaga “does rituals” and pointing out she once wore a meat suit, he said the Super Bowl “organizers are deciding to defile America and break our will by having us bow down to this.”

Is it any wonder that The Church of Chris Martin blew a gasket last year when the great Coldplay sought to bring LOVE upon the Half Time Stage, only to have the whole message ruined by pimpy Bruno and that jiggling jungle bunny Beyonce in formation? So this year, the demonic force was determined to bamboozle the beer-drenched masses with a Spawn of Satan theme. 

The Church can’t really trash Gaga over this because she is just a pawn being used by the Evil Ones. The Bible says in Ephesians 6:12 : “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

As bad and as wicked as our world is, let us be grateful the blessings of Coldplay & Chris Martin. For every tenfold scummy rock band in thrall to the devil; there is the great goodness of Coldplay and our Beneficent Chris Martin that shines like a light amid the darkness. The Church shall not condemn Lady Gaga over this entertaining but misguided tour de force. No good Catholic girl like Gaga would knowingly sign herself over to the devil’s handiwork. Gaga may need an exorcism, though. Let us instead remember the wondrous show of last year when the world was shown the glory of Chris. That, alone, is something worth celebrating unceasingly. May the Rapture of Coldplay arise in your heart & soul and may the devil flee at the sight of The Church of Chris Martin. Grant us the mighty spirit to combat the forces of evil that abound in the musical world and turn the great unwashed masses onto the glorious message of Coldplay & Chris Martin. For this we do pray. Amen.





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