Those of us, the Spiritual Followers of Chris– invite you to join us at a YEAR-END RETREAT to meditate, study and discuss the future vision for The Church of Chris Martin. Today, that vision is continuing to grow with the worldwide popularity of Coldplay. Protecting and nurturing that vision is the foundation for our church, which, this year is  sponsoring the Retreat entitled, “Impacting Lives with Chris.”

Our goal is to provide a warm and caring place where the Spirit of Chris can come upon the seekers and they may find and reflect upon the glories of Chris and Coldplay. We, of the Church proper, are to be used to impact lives with the Word of Coldplay. These year-end retreats are a fertile field in which to sow the seeds of Coldplay Glory amongst the brethren. They are excellent opportunities to prepare yourself spiritually to impact lives for Chris.


If you are looking for a place to grow in your faith, mull over the many Coldplay lyrical metaphors, sit and ponder the lyrical brilliance of Chris Martin,  prepare  emotionally for the Glastonbury Yellow Tent Outreach, or simply just relax and have fun, then this is for you. Perhaps you prefer to just enjoy God’s beautiful creation, Chris Martin, amid the splendor of nature? For whatever reason, and a small princely sum of Euro Dollars, this magnificent retreat can be yours.

To be able to prosthelytize effectively and deepen your Coldplay adoration, it is imperative for parishioners to seek out experiences such as this to deepen their dedication to the Church.  Participants will be asked to observe Noble Silence and practice the Fix You Compassion towards the less fortunate such as the heretics and nay-sayers. The Music of Chris will support new awakenings among the Church neophytes who will be partnered at the retreat with more experienced Chrisites. Teachings, allowed here from the Buddhists, will encourage opening to one’s innate wisdom, love and peace. The retreat will include instruction in Insight Meditation, heart-centered meditations, chanting from various traditions, Glastonbury Astral Travel, and new this year–SHAPE-SHIFTING at Coldplay shows so you can get backstage to meet Chris! Come one; come all to the 2016 CHURCH of CHRIS MARTIN SPIRITUAL RETREAT. Scholarships are available for the needy. See BROTHEROB for an application and endorsement. Go in the Peace of Chris.





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