Coldplay Tour 2016: ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ Shows Get European, Latin American  ( & AMERICAN) Dates!

PRAISES ABOUND! Chris has not forgotten about his flock.

Our musical master gets down on his knees to pray for A Head Full of Dreams to guide him back to the sacred door that opens to The Church of Chris Martin.

Here comes a massive stadium tour–one in which our beloved troubadour said he might not ever do again. Yet the state of our wicked, fallen world put the wrath of Gwyneth into Chris and he has yet once again set out onto the road in which he can sing to redeem and inspire his worldwide flock.

The first leg of Coldplay’s 2016 tour will begin on March 31 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Chris knows those South Americans are lusty music fans. Next the boys hit countries such as Brazil, Peru and Mexico before heading for a stretch of shows in Europe.

The European leg will begin on May 24, 2016, in Nice, France. Coldplay will then crisscross the continent, playing shows in London, Berlin and Stockholm before wrapping things up in Copenhagen, Denmark on July 5th.

Chris Martin &  Coldplay have announced 20 shows in 14 countries.  A North American tour is also coming, of which I am preparing to anoint seats for exalted members to partake in the spiritual ecstasy of our supreme channeler.

Many of our members have gone their merry way but a few devoted and fanatical followers are still here to continue the pious journey begun many years ago by Father Drobbington and the original gang who tarried to the muddy grounds of Glastonbury to seek ecumenical elevation at the feet of Chris & Coldplay.


It is a great day indeed that us mere mortals and church figureheads can look forward to another rousing and heavenly-inspired visit from out Brit boys and the Great One, Chris Martin. May the ultimate mercy abound on you and yours and the blessings of Chris fall upon you.



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