The tradition of blessing food at Easter time is a Slavic tradition that is common in Poland, the Ukraine, Russia and other Slavic countries. It is a centuries old custom rich in symbolism and something that the whole family can do together.

At this glorious time of the year, it is also a cherished part of The Church of Chris Martin.

Father Drobbingdon left us with an exalted teaching from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faithful in Chris:

“Bread of eternal life, nourish those who hunger for truth, freedom, justice and peace.
May our meditations on the spiritual merits of Coldplay act as succor and nourishment for our hearts overflowing with love for the Great One: Chris Martin. Following the talents of Coldplay means having compassion for the suffering, having a heart for the poor; it also means having the courage to defend our faith against the corrupt ideologies and heresies of the defiled ones: Trust in the truth of our Brit band and rapture in its interpretation and application of the divine lyrical word to current circumstances. Never waver in your faithful love of Chris and Coldplay forevermore. Amen.”

To celebrate the Blessing of the Easter Baskets, The Church of Chris Martin now has for sale in the CHRIS COMMISSARY, two new items that show supreme love for our Coldplay crooner: COLDPLAY VANILLA ICE CREAM and CHRISOCADO.

Proceeds from the sales of these organic, free trade, vegetarian items will go towards the Glastonbury Yellow Tent extravaganza that the Church will be putting together this summer to honor the band along the muddy roads to the Festival.

Please feel free to indulge in your love of ice cream and avocados, providing that doing so puts lucre into your beloved Church coffers. May your baskets be blessed to overflowing in the glory of Chris! Hallelujah!

coldplay ice cream



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