“I WANT COLDPLAY” as sung to “I WANT CANDY” by Bow Wow Wow



I know a band that’s on hiatus–I wish they’d tour;
The music of Coldplay is the best–that’s for sure.
Chris Martin is so fine–in fact, The Church of Chris Martin believes he’s divine.
He’s got everything to be desired, except he can’t cook & sets his kitchens on fire.

I want Coldplay, I want Coldplay!
Go to see them when they come to my town;
Love their music and love their sound.

The band is so sweet, they make my mouth water.

I want Coldplay, I want Coldplay, Yeah!

Coldplay on the beach; Coldplay when eating a peach;
Coldplay when they’re on the Ellen Show, although that’s kind of lame, I know.
Coldplay–the biggest band in the universe. Why is coldplaying.com so perverse?

Coldplay–there’s nothing better.
But I like Coldplay to wear nothing but a sweater.
Some day soon I pray that Mother Gwyneth splits;
That GOOP website of hers is really the pits!

I want Coldplay! I want Coldplay!

keep calm


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