“SWAG for the SOULLESS:”

At the Sundance Festival, a Demon suddenly appeared;
and the good people of Park City quaked in fear.
For the Vicious Vagina had blown into town looking for free swag —
Courtney “Hole” Love is such a drag.

Yes, the gifting suites are there to cater to the trendy stars;
they attract greedy hipsters from near and afar.
What should descend–like a witch on a broom,
but the traveling Herpes infection–an ominous portent of doom.

The Hole chanteuse’s facelift looked like it needed some tightening;
the sight of Cobain’s “Widow” was truly frightening.
Love had her dirty grasping hands out for anything free
and probably stole some toilet paper when she went to take a dribbling pee.

There was a reason Courtney came to town to do a show;
the reviews from the Star Bar gig says her grunge fest blows.
But really the Vicious Vagina was only around to grab at the hand-outs;
Courtney’s Hole will always lack talent–of that there can be no doubt.

This soulless spawn of Satan belongs in the Lake of Fire;
The True Widow knows that Mrs. Cobain is nothing but a filthy liar.
But until then, this she-devil roams the world looking for souls to consume–
The Church of Chris Martin hereby casts Courtney Love down into the eternal flames of Hell’s tomb!



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