Summer is now over, but I wonder if it came to pass;
that Chris Martin, Jay Z and the missus did pretend to be like the working class?

By that I mean, that the millionaire couples took a road trip headed down south;
they all just “want to be like the regular folks,” is what came out of Chris’s mouth.

Touring Florida in a shiny Winnebago and shlepping along the causeways does sound like fun;
Chris better pack SPF 50 because his pasty, white skin will burn in the hot Miami sun.

Wonder if the famous parents will take along the Martin progeny and baby Blue Ivy too?
I bet they bring a couple of nannies, stylists, and an assistant, now wouldn’t you?

Yes, the jaunt sounds cool and perhaps will prove to be a relaxing getaway;
But we here at The Church of Chris Martin would like to pray:

Dearest Chris, you will never be like the “regular folk;”
Face it, beloved crooner–you are most definitely a sacred bloke.
If you would like to go to Florida and sleep at campgrounds;
please tell your Church where, so we can all come around.

Yes, The Church will sit around the camp fire with you;
all the better to gaze at those cornflower eyes–so gently blue.

Mother can go yack it up with Beyonce in another tent;
many lovely Church ladies wish to enjoy worship time spent-
in thrall to the gracious and talented Brit;
whose golden Coldplay throne is exalted and he will eternally sit.

Glory to all in Coldplay!


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