COLDPLAY IS TUNED IN VERY WELL TO THE VIBRATIONS OF THE UNIVERSE. The band responds musically to inspiration from the great beyond. The talented Brits access creative realms beyond that which mere mortals can only aspire to. The salvation of mankind may begin with the Coldplay redemption. It is the first step in holiness and an acute self-awareness that manifests itself in an achievement of innate joyful sublimation to the Coldplay experience. One of our talented brethren managed to capture a photo of a fellow Church of Chris Martin worshiper experiencing the supreme exaltation of a Glastonbury Coldplay spiritual marriage. The snow white lights of purity and goodness go back-and-forth from the earth and into the heavenly realm and back again in a pristine co-mingling of timeless wonder.

To experience this creativity, transcendence, and beauty is a possibility for all at The Church of Chris Martin.
The indwelling Spirit of Chris reside in us all. It is how we acknowledge and understand this blessing and go forward to share it in this craven world that determines our spiritual reward. The Spirit of Coldplay is a unifying force for goodness and world peace. Every day it speaks to is through the music of the Brit balladeers. Every day we’re seated in heavenly places when our ears enjoy the gracious notes of Coldplay omnipotence. Only the ignorant and blind cannot see the divinely inspired and ever-deepening partnership of our gentle warbler of Coldplay and heaven. He is our “every good and perfect gift.” GLORIA in EXCELSIS. Chris Martin!


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