Come up to seek you, tell you I’m searching;
sorry you don’t know how inspirational you are.
I have to find you, tell you I need help; I need some lyrics & melodies–yes, I do.

Tell me some secrets and ask me more questions.
Oh, let’s talk about our wounded hearts.
And start right back at the start.
Running in Nikes; dashing by street art–our heads are just a a science apart.

Nobody said life was easy; nobody said eating organic is cheap;

It’s such a shame; I think I want to act sensitive and weep.
Nobody said it wasn’t pleasant; no one ever said it would be this hard .
Oh, please cook my vegetarian refried beans with no lard!

I was just guessing at Billboard numbers and sales figures;
Pulling the puzzle of popularity apart .
Questions of science, science and Grammy’s and sold out tours .
Do not speak as loud as my tinnitus terror is acting up.

But tell me some lyrics that Eno will okay;
Come back with some chords that I can play.
Promise me a sales rush when it’s released;
Oh and fans rush to the start, running in circles, chasing our tour bus around;
Coming back again with the next album, I need some inspiration for the sound.

Nobody said Viva was cheesy;
I’d like to do a guest spot on the new rap album of Weezy.
I’m gonna be a Big Rap Star.


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