Think that Chris Martin is a humorless prig and snooty Brit without a funny bone?
No, I am not mixing him up with his wife-GOOP Gwyneth either. The Simpson’s-a classic American Television show featured Chris Martin and Coldplay on it’s 20th Anniversary Extravaganza-January 31, 2010! Glory be to God!

This is, indeed-a very deep and meaningful event in the evolution of Coldplay as a band. On the surface, a superficial glance would just elicit a yawn as yet another bunch of uptight Brits strut their animated selves on Sunday night. But this is not just any band–it is Coldplay! As such, the cartoon will be full of secret symbolism, cerebral meanings, cryptic messages and loads of secrets with which The Church of Chris Martin must frantically uncover!  And Chris Martin–he of the ever-so-serious social conscience and deep-thinking lyrics will surely include an environmental or fair trade blurb somewhere in there.  Might this Simpson’s visit be an indication of a lightness of being; a new awareness of humor and yearning to connect on a satirical level.  Might some of the playful defamation of this Blessed Website in honor of the Great Coldplay warbler have rubbed off our Soul Master and he is now ready to tickle some funny bones? (I am not referring to bones and Kate Bosworth here!)

The Simpson’s is one of the longest running American sitcoms and animated programs–now over 20 years old! The series is a parody of a working-class American family and takes stabs at and lampoons American culture, society, television, and dysfunctional family relationships-of which it is a prime example.  The Simpson’s have won numerous awards and has been named one of the best television series of the 20th century.

The story is basic: a typical Middle American family from generic Springfield. There is a stereotypical husband and wife, 3 kids. a dog and cat who all add a quirky flavor to the show.
Though it is dysfunctional dynamics among the family-the characters also come across as warm and caring. Really-the Simpson’s are just an animated version of- life.  The show–much like Coldplay– exists in it’s own universe and reality.  The show (and Coldplay) interact and explore modern day issues in a sometimes controversial and timely manner. Perhaps Chris Martin sees himself as Homer Simpson-a hapless husband and father-trying his best to survive in these chaotic times?  I do believe The Great One feels a kinship to the Simpson character, and a certain frustration, as well, with his public image. By doing a gig on the Simpson’s, I believe Coldplay is reaching out to the world to let us all know that they do not take themselves as seriously as their music might appear to do.

And though many dismiss Coldplay and Chris Martin as overly serious–this is a perfect opportunity for our Blessed namesake to feature his lighter side in a cool series that lots of hip people made a point to watch every week. Yes–even the entertainment industry does not escape the withering poke of humorous satire that is the Simpson’s show.  Chris Martin is showing us that he is a big boy and can take it like a man . Gwyneth and the turmoil in the Martin hearth side may have emasculated Chris Martin somewhat, but on the boob tube, he can show he still has that sense of humor in tact. I even think that our Great One may take a sort of perverse pleasure in watching his band castigated and be made to wait to play while Homer Simpson takes a bathroom break.  How utterly charming and self-deprecating that is.

It is no wonder that so many love and admire this band and Chris Martin.  There are Church women falling all over themselves to share a Holy moment with Prophet Martin. Here we have one of the biggest and best music-makers the world over all but ready to be ridiculed by none other than a cartoon character. The heavy politics and liberal leanings of the show are a brief aside; the real meat-and-potato’s here is Coldplay’s ability to make fun of themselves and show that they certainly do not take themselves too seriously!

If you don’t already love and admire Coldplay and Chris Martin-you certainly will after watching him parody himself and the band on The Simpsons.


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