~~Birthday Homily & Liturgy in Honor of the Great Coldplay Prophet Chris Martin~~

Dearest Beloveds & Heavenly Father:

Today we give thanks for the Great Blessing upon us born this day, March 2nd. Our Divine appreciation is for the Good Work Chris Martin is doing with His music. Through the Coldplay redemption, He has restored hope to a fallen world.  Let the sins of never ensnare us with empty promises of passing joy.  Make us all One in Chris and always may our joy  be holy, and our Coldplay love of the finest purity and light.

Angels are heavenly beings who are spirit & intellect. When one angel glimpsed Chris Martin and Coldplay from the front row of a 1999 Christmas gig, the magical connection between the heavenly realm and a musical juggernaut was set in motion.  Jesus had once become a man and was born of the Virgin Mary. Now he sits in heaven at the right hand of God, but  His heavenly messengers scour this fallen world for worthy souls to exalt.

This is how the world have come to know and love our Prophet. Chris Martin, born on  this day, pleased God with his uprightness and beautiful blue eyes. But there are also powers from the Lake of Fire who wish to disrupt our Church of Coldplay Glory and stop the musical prophecy that Chris Martin brings forward. This is why Lucifer rebelled against God & Satan tries to screw your life up–because Jesus did not become and angel (like Lucifer.) Jesus became a human being and Lucifer could not stand playing second fiddle to a human being. Just like the whimpering jackals over at who cannot abide the Rush of Glory to the Anointed Church of Chris Martin. To this day, Satan and his demons hound The Church of Chris Martin unceasingly. We must gird our loins and strengthen ourselves with the musical shield of Coldplay to battle this despicable enemy of the brethren and sistren.

Our unending spiritual welfare is made bearable because among us, there are lights of life, like our beloved Chris Martin! His wonderful human nature, body and soul, is part of the very life fabric of our lives. He is our spiritual muse and divine purpose in life.  This is our destiny, Church–to give our testimony and uphold the glory of Chris, despite the provocations of our enemies. Even other fellow wicked rock stars like to run their mouths against our Soul Master, but by being stern and making an example of these drooling guttersnipes, we help to enlighten the world.

If we are caught up in the concerns of this wicked world–searching for some passing wealth or transitory power in this world, we will falter. What we really should be calling upon is the Holy Martin Spirit received from numerous Coldplay concerts, records, TV appearances–as in this morning’s wonderful GMA appearance– and the Glorious redemption experienced by the worthy few at Glastonbury this past summer.

Our great destiny is in heaven. But we have “Paradise” here on earth with Chris.  St. Augustine once wrote: “Our hearts are restless, Lord, until they rest in you.”  Only when we properly prepare for the heavenly glory, can our earthly lives be joined to Coldplay in excelsis. Then, our own Holy Joy will be complete and the world will behold our specialness.

The word, “holy,” in Latin, Hebrew, and Greek derives from the idea of “being set apart.”  Chris Martin & Coldplay, we seek to set apart to honor. One would never use a chalice from the Chapel of Chris for drinking cheap beer at a stripper bar because that chalice is “holy” &“set apart.”  Therefore, precious ones, Happy Birthday to our most wonderful Chris Martin, who is set apart by the angels for much earthly Good Works–both musically & spiritually. May our great appreciation for His precious birth today send all Church spirits soaring. Much thanks and love to Chris’s mum and dad for conceiving this Most Holy One who is and will always be Our “Yellow” Star!   Amen.


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